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Rodent Services

Saddleback Termite & Pest Control also provides services for Rodent control.  Our main objective is to keep disease carrying rodents from entering your house, where they can cause thousands of dollars in damages.

Once these little menaces take up residence in your home, they can be difficult to get rid of. Our services include trapping, and baiting to get rid the ones that have already made your home, their home.  

Along with trapping and baiting, we provide services to seal out entry points that allow these rodents to enter your home.  This sometimes includes screening off or insulating around various cracks and crevices.  Some rats can fit though an opening as small as a quarter and some mice can fit through a gap as small as a dime.  

When the cooler, Fall and Winter months approach, rodents will prefer to nest inside of your home.  It is not uncommon to hear them moving around in your attic.  In many situations they tend to hang out right on top of your furnace or build a nest in the insulation.

Though IMP (Integrated Pest Management) there are other options that can minimize the opportunity for rodents to enter your home, without poison.  Part of our service is to advise our customers and educate them on what they can do on their own, to help protect their homes.  

Call us to request one of our skilled and knowledgeable inspectors to come investigate and advise you on your best course of action.  

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Common Rodents and Pests We Protect Against

Once we identify the pest(s) we come up with a custom solution to erraticate the pest(s) from your home or business. Below are some common pests found in Southern California.

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Bed Bugs

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Rodents & Mice

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